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Our Assets Liquidation and Sales Processing

Before the Sale

We begin with a free consultation to discuss your goals. We then walk through the property to confirm items that will and will not be in the sale. This gives us a good idea of how long it may take to prepare for the sale and determine what else needs to be done, such as pre-sale donations and trash removal. You can change your mind about any of this before signing a contract.

We encourage you to call us even if you are still sorting through things that you may want to keep or if you aren’t sure you are ready for a sale.

Keep in mind that vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and riding mowers, may also be part of the sale. Our commission is much lower on these large-ticket items.

The Sale Process

Once we are fortunate enough to earn your confidence and you sign a contract, we go to work. We NEVER ask for money upfront. The commission we receive covers the following:

  • Light pre-sale clean-ups and trash removal
  • Sorting and displaying items in a respectful, neat order. We focus on quality, not necessarily speed. However, we strive to work within your timeframe.
  • Extensive research and experience that enable us to price to sell correctly and fairly. For certain antiques, collectibles, and other unique items, we also consult with experts.
  • Photographing items to feature in marketing efforts
  • Marketing via several social media outlets, estate sale websites, special-interest groups, and our own large email list.
  • Displaying eye-catching yard and directional signs in compliance with local ordinances
  • Obtaining the appropriate local permits
  • Staffing the sale sufficiently to assist customers and ensure the security of the property and items during sale hours. You do not have to be present at the sale.
  • Accepting payments of cash and credit cards

An estate sale is also an open house. We encourage you to have flyers at the sale if the home is to be sold.

After the Sale

Sales may run from two or three days. At the end of the last day, or on the following day, we meet with you to discuss the sale and determine what to do with the remaining items (there are always items left over). Here’s what else takes place following a sale:

  • We can conduct an online auction immediately following the sale. As an affiliate of Auction Ohio, we will expose your items to more than 100,000 online bidders from Ohio and nearby states. Click here to see an auction of items left over from one of our estate sales.
  • We can recommend other options to sell remaining items – sending to live or consignment shops – and we provide contacts who can assist you.
  • We will coordinate donations and the removal of non-furniture and smaller items for a nominal fee.
  • You will receive a check from the sale proceeds, less our commission, within seven days.